Summer = Backyard Movies

Have you had enough of those hot weekend evenings with bored kids watching the same old tired summer re-runs on television. This summer try something new! Have a backyard movie night and invite your neighbors over to join the fun! It’s easy to set up and it’s a great way to have quality family fun on a weekend night. In fact you can do this all summer long.

You can go simple or “over-the-top” with your “outdoor theatre”. There are lots of ideas for creating inexpensive screens and how to project your film using your computer. Or, you can rent a screen and projector. You’ll need some seating . . . blankets on the lawn for the kids and lawn chairs or chaise lounges for the adults. And you’ll need some lighting . . . LED strings of lights, flashlights, electric candles, etc. Refreshments are EASY — pop some popcorn and serve it in paper bags. Put some sodas and juices in a cooler with ice. Add some candy from the local supermarket and you’ve got your concessions handled.

Of course, we’d love for you to show one of our great Kidflix Global international children’s films. These films have characters with such heart and integrity. The storylines are engaging and promote empathy. These family films showcase children from other cultures; you’ll see how children and families in other parts of the world manage their day-to-day lives, you’ll hear other languages, and you’ll visit new environments. When children view cultures through foreign films, they more naturally relate to the wider world and are transported to exotic locales — without even possessing a passport.

The Lotte films are dubbed in English and the other films have English subtitles*. Most children can follow the action without even reading the subtitles but they can practice their literacy skills by reading the subtitles to one another. The diverse forms of expression embedded in films from faraway lands can broaden creativity and possibilities for communication.

So, try an outdoor movie theater and show one of our films. Maybe you’ll then be inspired to have a International Film Festival in your neighborhood this summer. See the following links for some step-by-step plans for backyard movie parties.

*Hinokio, Lotte Goes South, and Lotte and the Moonstone Secret also have Spanish subtitles.

*Photo by Ericka Sanchez (Nibbles and Feasts) was seen at in 4 steps to hosting an outdoor movie night.