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Watch our video and learn about the benefits kids gain when they watch international films. Then scroll down for more important information on how you can watch our films at home and at learning institutions!


The Internet = International

Films and digital media are the most powerful forces shaping children’s minds today. It is a fact that children consume over 2,000 hours of media a year but spend only 900 hours in the classroom. Many of those 2,000 hours of media can be filled with wonderful stories from around the world. Using the internet, parents or teachers and children can take a trip around the world any day of the week and Kidflix Global is making it easy by delivering excellent films for children and families that can be streamed, rented or purchased for your home or classroom.

We currently have Study Guides available for nine of our titles. The Study Guides are included in our institutional pricing for Elementary, Middle and High Schools, Colleges/Universities, and Libraries.

Why International Films Made For Children?

They are helpful with reading and foreign language learning skills.

They promote social-emotional understanding and analytical skills.

They add to a child’s exposure to the world’s diversity.

They provide content that is new and creative.

What If The Film Has Subtitles?

As Pat Hubley of the Utah Film Center says, “Good stories transcend cultural and language boundaries… Children are sophisticated in how they understand stories and appreciate films.”  All you have to do to get a great film like…

THE BLIND FLYERS — Germany (2004), 88 minutes – Musically gifted teenagers from a school for the blind, work together to help Herbert, a runaway, return to Khazakistan . Romance blooms as the three create a band and enter a television music video contest. English subtitles. Ages 10+.

Parents and Educators — Are You Ready to Rent, Stream, or Buy?

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Educators Are You Ready to Rent, Stream, or Buy?

Please call us at 1-415-459-4256 to get our special institutional prices. Study guides are available for six titles and are included in our institutional pricing for Elementary, Middle/High Schools, Colleges/Universities, and Libraries.