Hello Viking Readers! We’re so happy to offer you this Special Holiday Pricing for our films! Use the coupon code VIKING to receive your Discount on your order of DVDs.

Movie Nights = Fall Fun

It’s growing cooler outside and it’s time to move the Family Movie Night inside and focus on movies in front of the entertainment system. Invite your friends and family to have a movie night at home with you. See our Movie Night = Family Fun page for ideas on how to get the whole family engaged and make your movie night memorable.

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Do you want to share our films on your website or on your blog? Do you want to review our product or help us sponsor a giveaway? Let us know. We can provide you with images and film information. We can share with you some of the insights that what made us want to bring international children’s films to kids and families in this country. Let us know how we can help you share our films. Use our contact form to reach us!

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Kidflix Festival Flashback Banner-01

Have you ever been to the Children’s Film Festival Seattle? If you have you know that they have incredible short films for kids and parents to enjoy. We’re lucky that the Northwest Film Form (NWFF) has partnered with us to create two volumes of  selected films from the 2012 and 2015 Children’s Film Festival Seattle—Best of the Fest 2012 and Kidflix Hot Picks. And, you can stream those films right here. The proceeds from streaming the films will help benefit the Northwest Film Forum!

Planning an Event?

Are you planning an event or putting together a fundraiser? We want to help! Our award-winning films are perfect for family reunions, kid-friendly festivals, parties, etc. And, if you need to raise funds, our movies are perfect for a family-friendly movie night. If you know of a school, camp, community center or other special organization that would be interested in hosting a film event or wants to do a fundraiser with a movie night, please let us know by using our contact form. We will happily help you utilize one of our films for your event!