Movie Night = Family Fun!

Movie Night = Family Fun

Summer is rapidly approaching and Movie Night = Family Fun is even more true in the summer. Watch for our page on Backyard Movies. And, on hot sticky evenings a movie in an air-conditioned living room is hard to beat!

This month our Movie of the Month is Eye of the Eagle! This adventure film is based on the life of King Valdemar II of Denmark. It is set in the Middle Ages around 1218. It was filmed, in part, at the Asserbo Castle ruins in Denmark. This is a fantastic movie for Movie Night. It has strong male characters, excitement, intrigue, friendship, loyalty and a taste of history as well.

In Eye of the Eagle, young Prince Valdemar is sent to a monastery though he longs to fight alongside his father. At the monastery the prince meets a kitchen boy and the two become friends and uncover that the bishop is rebelling against the king. The most sensitive viewers may find some of the action a bit scary, but it is balanced with heroism and comic relief. This film is an international award winner.  In Danish with English subtitles. For ages 10+,

This is also a great opportunity to introduce your family to the Danish cultures through food. We’ve collected a few recipes you might want to try for your movie night, including open-faced sandwiches which seem perfect for a summer dinner.

Here are links to easy traditional Danish recipes that may well have been eaten during the time of King Valdemar II:

If these recipes don’t seem right for your family, just search the internet. We looked for easy recipes from Denmark.

Ideas for art/writing your kids could create:

  • Draw a castle or their own coat of arms
  • Show your children the webpage for the film and have them create a movie poster for the film

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