Movie Night = Family Fun!

Movie Night = Family Fun

Want to have a fun family evening at home? With spring in the air, an evening at home with a movie sounds like a great idea! At Kidflix Global, we believe that Movie Night = Family Fun and we invite you to have some family fun with our first compilation of short films, Best of Fest and with Movie of the Month, Hot Picks II (see below)!

Best of the Fest is a passport to a world of imagination. This juried program of live action and animated shorts from Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2012 brings your children magical characters, laughter at funny stories, and a chance to learn how friendship makes the planet go ’round.

Note to parents: These nine short films that will introduce you to magical characters, cause you to laugh at funny stories, and learn how friendship makes the planet go ’round. Some films are in English, some in German with English subtitles and some have no speaking parts. These animated shorts are great for the whole family to enjoy!

This month’s movie, Best of Fest I, is a compilation of 9 short animation and live action films.  The films included are:

  • Little Red Plane – A boy and his cat hop in a knitted red plane to deliver packages all over the world and beyond. (Dir. Charlotte Blacker, England, animated, 3:39 min.)
  • Love Bug – A nine-year-old, bug-loving boy must work up the courage to ask a like-minded little girl out on a date. Winner of the Children’s Jury Prize for Best Live Action Short. (Dir. Kat Candler, USA, 6 min.)
  • Olga – A sweet film about feelings, and the way that friends can help each other. In German with English subtitles. (Dir. Kai Pannen, Germany, animated, 6:14 min.)
  • Mungge – Not Again! – Two marmots and a hedgehog must try to rescue their sleepwalking friend. In Swiss German with English subtitles. (Dir. Irmgard Walthert, Adrian Flückiger and Claudia Röthlin, Switzerland, animated, 6:20 min.)
  • The Driving Accident – A minor mess becomes a big one when a little boy attempts to clean up a mishap. Winner of the Children’s Jury Northwest Prize. (Dir. Rio Fitch, Canada, 5 min.)
  • Adventures of Owen – A boy harnesses the power of his imagination to soar above his everyday problems. (Dir. David Cadiz, Canada, 13 min.)
  • Cello – A boy practicing the cello is transported to a magical place. (Dir. Tatiana Kurnaeva, Russia; animated; 6 min.)
  • King Kong Kitchie Kitchie Ki Me O – A sweet old folk song, set to a song by Laura Veirs with eyepopping animation by Britta Johnson. (Dir. Britta Johnson, USA; animated; 3:04 min.)
  • Minnie Loves Junior – The story of a girl’s admiration for a boy, and how she proves to him how valuable her friendship can be. (Dir. Andy and Matt Mullins, Australia, 13:40)

Only one film is in a foreign language with English subtitles which makes this perfect for a movie night with your kids of any age. Your children will have an opportunity to see what children in other parts of the world are watching, are interested in, what makes them laugh. And you and your kids can talk about whether you found the same things funny. What films do you watch that children in other cultures might find funny.

This is also a great opportunity to introduce your family to other cultures through food. We’ve collected a few recipes you might want to try for your movie night.

Here are links to easy German recipes:

From Switzerland we have these easy recipes:

If these recipes don’t seem right for your family, just search the internet. We looked for easy recipes from these two countries.

Ideas for art/writing your kids could create:

  • Draw some cartoons of their own
  • Read the titles of the movies and have them design a movie poster for each film
  • Look at photographs of the movies online at Best of Fest and write a short paragraph guessing what the film might be about. Did they get it right?

You can stream many our films instantly! Once you select the film, click the “stream now button” and enter your credit card information. Now you’re ready to watch!

Kidflix Global, in conjunction with Northwest Film Forum, also presents Hot Picks II, a passport to a world of imagination. This juried program of nine live action and animated shorts are from filmmakers from around the world. They were shown at Children’s Film Festival Seattle and bring your children imaginative characters, compelling short films, and a chance to what kids around the world are watching.

Note to parents: Nine short films that will introduce your family to unforgettable characters that bring you laughter through funny stories and teach your children how to build world understanding . Great for the whole family to enjoy!

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