Movie Night = Family Fun

Movie Night = Family Fun

We’ve moved into fall and in some part of the country Backyard Movie Night is still possible. In other, cooler parts of the country that chill in the air means its the perfect evening for a family movie indoors. We’re still running Hinokio as our Movie of the Month. We’ve put up some reviews of the film so check out the reviews and then stream the film for your family!

Whether you show it in your backyard or in the comfort of your living room, Hinokio is a great film for the family to enjoy. This film is rated for ages 10+. Hinokio is the story of Saturo, a young boy who has lost his mother and been injured in an automobile accident. Saturo is confined to a wheelchair and has become isolated in his room, angry at his father and at the world. His father, in an attempt to help Saturo, has created a robot that can go to school on Saturo’s behalf and who is controlled by Saturo. There is a lot more to see and experience in this film which is in Japanese with either English or Spanish subtitles.

Hinokio was filmed in Japan and was state-of-the art VFX in 2005. The film was written and directed by Takahiko Akiyama, a pioneer in VFX. The robot, Hinokio, is very cool and the plot is endearing. There are some hiccups and bumps along the way so it is advised that parents watch with children of 10-11 years old.

Of course, here at Movie Night = Family Fun, we want to use the film as a vehicle to invite you and your children to explore another culture. This film is Japanese and so we’ll be providing some simple Japanese recipes for you to try.

Here are links to easy traditional, everyday Japanese recipes.

If these recipes don’t seem right for your family, just search the internet. We looked for easy recipes from Japan.

Ideas for art/writing your kids could create:

  • Draw a robots.
  • Make robots with Lego blocks
  • Show your children the webpage for the film and have them create a movie poster for the film

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