Movie Night = Family Fun

We’ve moved into fall when the weather begins to change. In some part of the country Backyard Movie Night is still possible; in other parts of the US that chill in the air means its a perfect evening for an indoor family movie night. This month our Movie of the Month is Stella and the Star of the Orient.

This movie has a lot to offer. Stella is our strong, young heroine. While looking around her great grandmother’s attic, she opens an old armoire, puts on a dress and a necklace her great grandmother wore as a young girl, and climbs in the armoire and closes the door. In the next scene she opens the armoire and finds herself in a girl’s bedroom. You’ll have to watch to find out what happens when Stella finds herself meeting her great-grandmother and great uncle as children! Their adventures in the snow and in a cave will keep any children on the edge of their seats! And parents will enjoy the film as well. The film is rated for children ages 6 and older.

Stella and the Star of the Orient

The Coalition for Quality Children’s media has given Stella and the Star of the Orient a KidsFirst! rating and you can read their review at KidsFirst! KidsFirst recommends the film for ages 10-18. However, we believe the film will work for younger children though they may not understand some of the conversation when a young feminist Stella meets her great great grandparents for the first time. There are no swear words or inappropriate activities in the film. The interaction with the villains is very slapstick and not violent or graphic in any way.

In order to make your movie night authentic, we have some links to German foods. We have searched for easy, traditional German recipes that the whole family can enjoy.

If these recipes don’t seem right for your family, just search the internet. We looked for easy traditional recipes from Germany.

Ideas for art/writing your kids could create:

  • Draw an armoire
  • Draw the plane that Stella flew
  • Show your children the webpage for the film and have them create a movie poster for the film
  • Encourage your children to write a story about meeting their grandparent(s) when they were young.

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