Movie Night = Family Fun

Movie Night is great winter family time. Make some popcorn, get under a blanket together and watch a great movie! Or, make a whole cultural night of it! This month we are featuring The Eagle Hunter’s Son, a wonderful coming-of-age film about a young Mongolian boy who wants to follow his older brother to the city.

In our culture we too suffer when an older sibling goes away to take on an additional responsibility and we are left behind. In this film, Barzabei is a boy about 13 years old who looks up to his brother. They live out on the steppes of Mongolia with their sheep-tending family. Their father is a revered eagle hunter (hunts with an eagle) and his prized eagle is a part of the family. Barzabei’s brother leaves home for the city to earn money to help the family. When Barzabei leaves home to be with his brother, he finds that what he thought would be a grand adventure is hard and in some ways heartbreaking.

The Eagle Hunter's Son


Kidflix Global recommends The Eagle Hunter’s Son for ages 10-18. The movie is slow moving and may not hold the attention of younger children.

In order to make your movie night authentic, we have some links to Mongolian foods. Because the Mongolian people are nomadic, their diet is rich in meat and dairy. They eat very few vegetables. As noted in the recipe, you can add vegetables to the Mongolian Beef with Noodles.

If these recipes don’t seem right for your family, just search the internet. We looked for Mongolian recipes.

Ideas for art/writing your kids could create:

  • Draw an eagle
  • Draw a Mongolian pony
  • Show your children the webpage for the film and have them create a movie poster for the film
  • Encourage your children to imagine living where there are no towns, no roads, no families nearby. Write a story.

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