Have you had a chance yet to watch Kidflix Global Hot Picks II or Kidflix Global Best of the Fest 2012? It’s like watching a mini-film festival! These are great film compilations, curated by Liz Shepherd of Seattle’s Northwest Film Forum (NWFF), and available to audiences for viewing through the Kidflix Global website on your ipad, smartphone, or computer.

 • To find out more about Kidflix Global Best of the Fest 2012 and to stream it, click here.


•  To find out more about Kidflix Global Hot Picks II and to stream, click here.

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Proceeds from our sales will help support Children’s Film Festival Seattle. YOU will be a part of the giving if you stream Kidflix Hot Picks and Best of the Fest 2012 today! Children’s Film Festival Seattle sees about 4000 people each year. This year, they showcased a staggering 192 films from 50+ countries. We truly share a vision!

Find out more about Children’s Film Festival Seattle here. And, find out more about Northwest Film Forum here.