Watching is Easy!

Watching Movies with Kidflix Global is as Easy as 1 – 2 – 3!!!

1) Stream Instantly

You can stream most of our films instantly! Once you select the film, click the “stream now button” and enter your credit card information, creating a Vimeo account. Now you’re ready to watch!
For best results watching on Vimeo on Demand, please note the following . . .

“There’s no minimum requirement for a browser version as far as playback for Vimeo On Demand is concerned. We always recommend using the most up to date version of your browser for the best experience on Vimeo, whether that’s playing or uploading.

Vimeo does recommend a certain level of browser for uploading, which can be a good rule of thumb for playback:

2) Purchase to Own and as a Gift

Want to own? You can buy all of our films . . . so you and your family can watch these awesome films whenever you want! And, this Holiday Season, we are giving a 30% discount on all of our DVD titles. Share the world with the child in your life!

3) Rent by Mail

Prefer renting a DVD? Great! Are you in the United States? You can rent all of our films and have them shipped directly to your home in the United States to enjoy with your family!

Parents and Educators:  Click here to learn the benefits of films from around the world, subtitled films, and how to obtain our study guides, which meet Core Standard Guidelines, for students!