Lotte Goes South



Lotte Goes South is the original television series that introduces us to the lovable character of Lotte, a little girl dog. Divided into 13 episodes, this first Lotte adventure has Lotte and her family watching migrating birds when suddenly, tired baby bird Pippo drops into Lotte’s chimney. Lotte convinces her father, Oskar, and Uncle Klaus to take Pippo south in their flying machine to rejoin his family. In Lotte Goes South we discover the lovable, sweet nature of Lotte, her cheeriness and heartfelt joy at life. No problem or situation seems to daunt her big spirit. The short (5 minute) episodes make this a favorite for small children.

Notes for Parents: Animation dubbed in English with optional Spanish subtitles. Lotte Goes South is the first in a series of stories about Lotte, a lovable girl puppy, and her wonderful adventures. This nature-themed collection of fun and joyful episodes is suitable for the entire family. Environmental stewardship examples include helping wildlife, picking up trash and up-cycling. All Ages.

Original Title: Lotte Reis Lõunamaale, English with optional Spanish Captions

@ 2000, 2005 Eesti Joonisfilm


Andrus Kivirähk,
Heiki Ernits
Janno Põldma

Janno Põldma
Heiki Ernits

Heiki Ernits

Regina Lukk

Original Music
Olav Ehala

Kalev Tamm

Spanish Translation
Alejandro Moreno S.

Production Company
Eesti Joonisfilm


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