Kidflix Global Hot Picks II



Kidflix Global, in conjunction with Northwest Film Forum, presents Hot Picks II, a passport to a world of imagination. This juried program of nine live action and animated shorts are from filmmakers from around the world. They were shown at Children’s Film Festival Seattle and bring your children magical characters, laughter at funny stories, and a chance to learn how friendship makes the planet go ’round.

Note to parents: Nine short films that will introduce your family to unforgettable characters that bring you laughter through funny stories and teach your children how friendship builds world understanding. Great for the whole family to enjoy!


Tatiana Skorlupkina Visitor (nonverbal)—Tatiana always develops and launches the most unusual “bold” projects. She is known as a creator of films where she realizes her visionfrom start till the very end – she is a script-writer,a director, an artist, an animator, an editor, a special effects person.Tatiana always uses her own scripts and often writes her own music for her films.

Simon Weber Sounds of Nature (nonverbal)—Simon Weber is a director, cinematographer and producer of documentaries, short films and features, collaborating in an international environment. He is co-owner of Volta Film Production company based in Lucerne, Switzerland.

Tamas Tatai 100 Miles (nonverbal)—My inspiration for “100 Miles” was my grandfather and my wonderful relationship with him. He was a shoemaker in Hungary and spent endless days with me after his retirement. We had so much fun together and traveled a lot on steam trains in the early 70’s.

Akiko McQuerrey Papa Cloudy’s Restaurant (nonverbal)—Akiko started Papa Cloudy animation series as a way to feel better about the world and she hopes that people watching her films will share this feeling and have a warmer hearts as a result.

Sitora Takanaev Balloons (English)—Sitora Takanaev is a freelance director/producer based in Milwaukee, WI. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, she began working as the host of a television show at age 15, and began directing and producing for television at age 20. She is a graduate of the Tashkent State Institute of Arts, and Milwaukee Area Technical College. For the past few years she’s been freelancing on commercials, videos, and short films, as well as producing her own work. “Balloons” is her film directorial debut.

Raymond Caplin Traditional Healing (nonverbal)—”Raymond Caplin is an illustrator and animator who loves creating animated films. He enjoys exploring various artistic media and wants to pursue a career as an animator. His first film, In Your Heart, was awarded Best Experimental Film at the Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival as well as the Best Animated Film at the Arlington International Film Festival.”

Mari Miyazawa Decorations (nonverbal)—Mari Miyazawa graduated from Nihon University, College of Art Department of Fine Arts (1983). Since 2002, presents “oekaki bento” (kyaraben) works as an exploration of “food art”. Solo exhibits, in Tokyo and Osaka. From 2007, directed short animated films using food as material, aired on J—COM. Graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media(2014). Director, Script, Animation for Decorations— Mari Miyazawa

Delphine Le Courtois The Dive (mostly nonverbal, some French with English subtitles)—Delphine Le Courtois is a French filmmaker currently living in Montréal where she also works as an assistant director. Le Plongeon (The Dive) is the second short-film she directed.

Abbe Robinson The Girl and the Gondola (mostly nonverbal, some Italian with English subtitles)—Abbe Robinson studied Film Production at the International Film School, Wales, and has worked as an Assistant Director in Film and TV for over 15 years. Her recent short film La Ragazza e la Gondola (The Girl and The Gondola) was shot in Venice and has so far screened at many film festivals including Sao Paulo International Film festival, Durban International Film Festival, In the Palace Short Film Festival and Giffoni Experience, winning a number of awards and special mentions.




Directors: Tamas Tatai, Sitora Takanaev, Mari Miyazawa, Akiko McQuerrey, Simon Weber, Delphine Le Courtois, Abbe Robinson, Raymond Caplin, Tatiana Skorlupkina (Feder Sever).

Curator: Liz Sheperd, Northwest Film Forum

Compilation Editor: Corine Aubin

Poducer: Kidflix Global, Inc.


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