Hinokio is a very unique and poignant coming-of-age story of loss and first love. Satoru is a injured, withdrawn boy. Estranged from his father, Satoru lives a lonely life of isolation.  Because of his disability, Satoru uses a very advanced remote-controlled robot (Hinokio) to attend school from home. Through the eyes of Hinokio, Satoru experiences real life friendships and his first real love, Jun. With Jun’s help while looking at the world through Hinokio’s eyes, Satoru comes to realize that he must go out into the real world.

Note to Parents/Teachers. ** Hinokio has a Study Guide Available.

In Japanese with English and optional Spanish subtitles. Sensitive children may be disturbed by the first scene where we see Satoru watch his mother quietly die in a hospital emergency room. This is the inciting moment of the film showing us why Satoru battles with grief and his own physical injury. Other coming-of-age themes in this film are overcoming bullying and poor self-image, learning forgiveness, loyalty, and the lasting importance of friendship. For ages 10+.

Original Title: Hinokio: Inter Galactic Love, Japanese with English and Spanish subtitles and with closed captioning

@2005 Japan


Takahiko Akiyama

Takahiko Akiyama
Shoji Yonemura
Masumi Suetani

Takuji Ushiyama
Hidekazu Uehara

VFX Producer
Masahiro Onda

Film Editor
Soichi Ueno

Production Designer
Noriyoshi Ikeya

Music/Sound Design
Senju Akira

Prop Producer
Masahiro Okano

English Translation
Mariko Seida

Spanish Translation
Alejandro Moreno S.


2006—VFX Tech Award from the Motion Picture & Television Engineering Society of Japan

2006—Blue Ribbon Award for Best New Actress — Mikako Take

2006 — Yokohama Festival Best New Talent — Maki Horikita

This is a KidsFirst Film—Coalition for Quality Children’s Media

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