School and Homeschool

Welcome Teachers, Parents and Homeschoolers!

School and Homeschool educators, wouldn’t it be great to explore the world with your students without leaving school or home? Would you like to introduce your children to different cultures and ways of life? It is Kidflix Global’s mission to bring fabulous, award-winning, international films for kids and families to educators and parents seeking to teach children more about diversity in the world around them. Kids learn, discover, and interact with our films and become globally-conscious citizens.

Read about how one homeschooling mom, Teresa, wrote about our films in her blog, Tiaras & Tantrums! Teresa reviewed our 3-DVD set, Mystery in Germany, and spoke to using international films as part of her homeschooling curriculum.

Study Guides are available for most of our films!

We currently have Study Guides for nine of our titles. These Study Guides support the Common Core Standards and are available as PDF files for $3.00. Our Study Guides broaden the learning experience in both the School and Homeschool environments.

Why International Films For School & Homeschool?

Here are some reasons to choose a Kidflix Global film to share with your students/children.

  • They are helpful with reading and foreign language learning skills.
  • Films with subtitles reinforce language acquisition skills.
  • They promote social-emotional understanding and analytical skills.
  • They add to a child’s exposure to the world’s diversity.
  • They provide content that is new and creative.

Several of our films (Magic Silver, Stella and the Star of the Orient, Emil and the Detectives, The Blind Flyers, etc.) have been reviewed by Coalition for Quality Children’s Media and have received their KidsFirst endorsement making them adult-approved and kid-recommended. Common Sense Media has reviewed Lotte from Gadgetville (4+ stars) and Wolf Summer (3 stars). You can dheck out additional reviews on the individual film pages.

Listen to what some viewers have to say!

We’ve interviewed some parents, grandparents, and other interested adults and this short video shares with you their thoughts about KFG films and what they bring to children and families.


Subtitles Aren’t a Problem!

As Pat Hubley of the Utah Film Center says, “Good stories transcend cultural and language boundaries … Children are sophisticated in how they understand stories and appreciate films.”  It is a fact that children consume over 2,000 hours of media a year but spend only 900 hours in the classroom. Many of those 2,000 hours of media can be filled with wonderful stories from around the world. There are many International Children’s Film Festivals in the US—most major cities host one! That is how much kids love international movies!

Kidflix Global’s carefully curated film library features courageous and resourceful characters, positive values and hopeful messages. Each film’s storyline is heartfelt, allowing children to see the world in ways that highlight commonalities, while also showing differences. We believe that through the powerful and accessible medium of global film, we can open eyes, open minds and open hearts!